Here and Now

Here and Now

Here and Now


Here and Now.
What can I say……New York, we came, we put together an amazing team (from actors, a stage manager, production team, tech team to a fabulous creative team of costume, set, lighting and sound designers and more) and we accomplished our goal!!! Along with the amazing La Mama family we succeeded in our mission to give life to Cherchez la Femme!!! We feel so blessed to have worked with so many wonderful and dedicated people and the results showed. It was a success.
Now, what’s next you may ask??? The work does not stop here, that was just the beginning. We are working hard to find the next theatre, the next city to continue this amazing journey for Cherchez la Femme.
Stay tuned for updates!!!
Thanks for everyone who came and saw the show and who supported us! Without you we could not have achieved such greatness.
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Read some of the wonderful press the show received during the limited run this Spring at the Ellen Stewart Theatre, part of the La Mama Experimental Theatre Club in the East Village, New York.



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